served Saturday-Sunday till 3:00pm

Toasted Bagel                               2.50
Served with your choice of butter, cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter or Nutella
*add bacon $.75

Breakfast Burrito                           3.50
Scrambled eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, and Cheddar cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla

Breakfast Tacos                             3.50
Scrambled eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, and Cheddar cheese wrapped in warm white corn tortillas – 2 per order

BYO Breakfast Sandwich               7.50
Bread: ciabatta or bagel (toasted)
1 Egg: scrambled or fried
Meat: black forest ham or 2 strips of bacon
Cheese: Cheddar, Provolone or Swiss

Pork Breakfast Tacos                      9
Oven roasted pulled pork, house made sriracha-lime sauce, and a fried egg served open faced on white corn tortillas or as a burrito with a side of our homemade salsa - 2 tacos or 1 burrito

Fabulous French Toast                     6
Our secret mix of French toast spices and fresh baguette, cooked to perfection and served with honey

Try breakfast with a $2 mimosa or $10 carafe!


Grilled Cheese                                    6
Provolone, Swiss and cheddar cheese served on a baguette

Ham & Cheese                                    6
Black forest ham and cheddar cheese served cold on a baguette


Soda - Cans 12 oz.                              1

Coke ● Diet Coke ● Dr. Pepper ● Diet Dr. Pepper ● Sprite ● A&W Rootbeer

Water - Bottled .5l                              2

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water         

Fiji Artesian         

Iced Tea                                              2


Fresh Brewed Coffee                               2

Cafe Americano                                      2
Espresso Shot                                        2

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade               2

 (no refills please)       


Marinated Olives                         4
Assorted mixed European olives

Bacon Spiced Nuts                      4
A special mix of almonds, pecans, and bacon

Tuna Salad                                  8
Our homemade tuna salad served on fresh spinach with grapes and toast points

Classic Dip                                   9
Your choice of our famous homemade roasted red pepper hummus or tapenade, served with fresh vegetables or grilled ciabatta

Spinach Salad                              6
Tossed with Buttermilk Blue Affinée cheese, bacon spiced nuts, sliced pears and served with balsamic vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon                         14
Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese mousse, capers and red onions


Step 1: Pick your frame
ciabatta ● baguette ● spinach wrap ● bed of spinach

Step 2: Pick your Gruppo

Cuban                                          9
Slow-roasted pork shoulder with sriracha-lime sauce, sliced black forest ham, dill pickles, Swiss cheese and tangy mustard sauce

BEST                                             9
Applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, mayonnaise, spinach and tomatoes

BBQ Sandwich                              8
Pulled pork smothered in barbecue sauce and blue cheese topped with tangy pickles 

Tuna Melt                                    10
Ahi tuna salad with Applewood smoked bacon and Swiss cheese

Peloton Club                                7

Deli sliced turkey, bacon, Swiss, spinach and tomato with your choice of honey mustard or sriracha mayo on a toasted baguette

Philly Cheesesteak                     9

Seasoned roast beef, swiss, caramelized green peppers and onions topped with sriracha mayo on a toasted baquette  

Daily Lunch Special  

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup   8
Cheddar, Swiss, and Provolone cheeses melted on toasted baguette with a side of creamy tomato, basil soup

     *Served Mon - Fri   11am - 3pm  only     


Small Classic Dip                          4
A smaller version of our starter. Available with the hummus or tapenade, served with fresh vegetables or grilled ciabatta

Small Spinach Salad                      4
Tossed with Buttermilk Blue Affinée cheese, bacon spiced nuts, served with balsamic vinaigrette

Bag of Chips                                  1.5

Grab & Go Snacks

Granola Bar                                   2

Homemade granola with peanut butter, honey and dates

Bacon Spiced Nuts                        8

8oz bag o our famous spiced nuts

Homemade Granola                      2.5

8oz of our homemade granola